Alberi commemorativi unici per cimiteri, crematori,
giardini commemorativi, auditorium e singole tombe


Memorial tree for crematorium De Hoge Bogt (NL)

In Veldhoven, Dela Group has built a spectacular modern new crematorium and funeral center. A memorial tree has been strategically placed on the footpath from the carpark to the main entrance to the funeral center. On March 31 2017, the …
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Memorial tree in Akendam cemetery (NL)

In addition to the water lily pond, a memorial tree has been placed on the ash scattering field of Akendam cemetery, The Netherlands. The bereaved now have the option of hanging a memorial leaf in the memorial tree as an …
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Pine-cone urns Heemstede cemetery (NL)

Created to form the centre piece of the main avenue in the cemetery and fitting nicely into the woodland setting. The ashes of the deceased are sealed in the top of the 48 stone columns and topped out with a …
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Ceramic water lily pond

Inspired by the poet Frederik van Eeden and his poem about a water lily pond a beautiful project was conceptualised and developed for a memorial pond as a centrepiece to the cemetery with 36 ceramic water lily urns. The ashes …
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