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Water lily pond

Councillor Cora-Yfke Sikkema has officially opened the first lily urn pond at Akendam cemetery in Haarlem, NL.

Grounds manager Fons Snel is very proud of this project upon collaboration with the team from Gedenk Bomen and Akendam Cemetery. The old pond was dilapidated and in need of complete renovation. Upon completion something truly breathtaking was created.

According to Mr Snel, the pond may look very exclusive, but the prices are not. “This is affordable for everyone. The rates are equal to those of the urn columns.” When the lighting is finished the project will be complete.

The designer of the water lilies, the Haarlem based ceramist José Visser already envisioned this: “Wouldn’t it be lovely, if the flowers are illuminated on a beautiful winter afternoon from the side and then cast their shadows onto the water?”

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